»frequencies, sound & mind« is exploring the space between music and the human reaction to music.

A sound with its specific frequency marks the smallest element of an auditory event. The combination of multiple of these events following grammatical orders generates structures, that result in notes, acoustic color, melodies, rythms etc.

These structures are able to evoke highly individual human reactions, that are based on sensual experiences and in a way embody our relationship to music. Those reactions consist of many elements, which exhibit constellations of structures as well.

For this project I developed a systematic design approach, that combines the structures of music with the structures of human reaction to generate new forms and volumes.

The result is a spatial event or place, where the space between music and reaction can be explored. This place consists of two parts: an interactive 360° audio- and video installation and a parametric design pavillon.
Parametric Design Pavillon
Interactive 360° Audio- & Video Installation inside the pavillon.
Pavillon 3D Print Model | Scale 1:100
Pavillon 3D Print Model | Scale 1:100
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